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随着第三平台与行业创新加速器6大技术的应用,数字化转型将成为所有企业未来10年的主旋律, 截至2017年,50%以上的中国Top1000大企业都将把数字化转型作为公司的战略核心。

作为全球著名的第三方研究机构,IDC一直关注行业的发展,关注IT技术在行业的创新应用。为了进一步推动中国行业用户的数字化转型的发展,IDC定于2018年10月19日在北京万达文华酒店隆重举办“2018 IDC数字化转型年度盛典暨第三届中国数字化转型领军用户颁奖典礼“,我们希望通过本次盛典,帮助行业用户掌握数字化转型的评估体系,了解数字化转型与技术趋势,借鉴行业数字化转型最佳实践,并获取专业的数字化转型的咨询与建议。


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With the application of third-platform technologies and six industry innovation accelerators, digital transformation will be a key theme of all enterprises in the coming decade. By 2017, more than 50% of China's top 1,000 enterprises had put digital transformation at the core of their corporate strategy.

As a world-leading third-party research agency, IDC has been continuously tracking industry development and innovative IT applications in industries. To further promote the digital transformation of industry users in China, IDC will hold the “IDC Digital Transformation Summit 2018 & Award Ceremony of the Third IDC Digital Transformation Awards” at Wanda Vista Beijing on October 19, 2018, through which it intends to help industry users grasp the digital transformation evaluation system, understand digital transformation and enabling technologies, draw upon best practices of digital transformation, and get professional advice and recommendations on digital transformation.

Axway is happy to sponsor this event and we hope to see you on our booth 16&17.

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