This is the Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management

Achieve your project goals

Find out in exciting, informative workshops and sessions on how to plan, implement, and manage your API projects with the right strategy, structured management and development.

Expand your knowledge
How do Microservices, Swagger, GraphQL, API management, and security tools fit into the lifecycle of an API project? Learn from experienced API-architects and improve your daily work with tailor-made concepts.

Be inspired
Fast and fierce competition requires innovative technology. Be inspired by the latest trends in web APIs, API design and API management for promising business models.

Axway will be sponsor at the API CON event. Meet our API experts on our virtual  booth and attend our keynote and session:

Axway Keynote
14th April 2021 from 09.20am to 09.45am
Title: API Standards: Balancing Chaos and Rigidity
Speaker: Erik Wilde, catalyst at Axway

14th April 2021 from 10.00am to 10.45am
Title: Hands-on with Spectral
Speaker: Chris Wood, catalyst at Axway

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