Today, APIs are important building blocks in any modern enterprise. They provide access to data to both internal and external stakeholders. It is important to include the business, because APIs form the bridge between business and IT.

A smartly designed API strategy will create new opportunities and revenue models for the business to open up its own data to the outside world. Enabling the business while  IT will implement, configure, secure and monitor APIs in a nicely structured and standardized way.

In this webinar (presented in Dutch) we mainly highlight the added value of an API Management Platform. We start with looking at the business & IT needs. We then explain how the various components of an API platform provide the solution. Using the Axway API Platform, we concretize this strategy and demonstrate how this solution provides a strong answer to API Management challenges.

In this webinar* we will discuss about the following topics:

  • API Management strategy: the added value
  • Axway API Management platform: the theory in action
  • Business & IT needs: how API management is a bridge between the two

Who is the target audience?

  • Business owners
  • IT Management
  • Integration & API engineers


*Webinar presented in Dutch