We’re back! ….in person. We will be running a series of two hour roundtable events over beer & pizza at our WeWork office in London that will give you the opportunity to discuss today’s hot topics, share experiences/best practices and challenges with experts and with your peers across different industries.

API AMPLIFY Technical Workshop 

Date: Thursday, November 4th
Time : 16:00 - 18:00 
Location: WeWork, 51 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1DT

If you’ve ever been involved in a merger, then you know the pain of ripping and replacing systems. Just operating in a large enterprise, you know how hard it is to keep standards and security at a high bar when other teams and departments are using different solutions to you...

What if we could tell you that you can
  • Set high API standards?
  • Get a single view of your entire enterprise API footprint?
  • Not replace a single asset while doing that?
Join us at our WeWork office for a two hour hands-on workshop where David Luke and David Gaen, UK PreSales architects will demonstrate how you can effectively manage the discovery, traceability, usage and management of your APIs using the Axway Amplify ecosystem.

Who should attend: IT Architects, Application Architects, Integration Experts, API/Applications Manager, API Developers.

During this hands on session you will learn:

  • API Management - A fully featured-rich API Management and Traffic solution, deployed seamlessly in the cloud (Azure & AWS) for your own personal workshop experience.
    You will quickly and seamlessly deploy one of our free-to-use test APIs, and effortlessly create a Dev-Portal experience for future API users.
  • Multi-Gateway - Organise disparate vendor API solutions under one coherent roof for discoverability and observability.
    Each delegate will connect their API Management instance to a discovery agent that will gather all API resources into a centralised Organisation.
  • Amplify Unified Catalog – A single Pane of Glass API consumer view across the entire organisation.
    As each delegate adds one or more APIs to their API Management instance, watch the Unified Catalog automatically grow as resources from multiple APIM sources are discovered.
  • API Observer – A genuine single-pane of glass view of API traffic across your entire organisation.
    Observe that fully aggregated traffic events from all connected APIM solutions are consolidated into the API observer, democratising all traffic statistics.
What you need to bring with you:
  1. Your laptop (Windows or MacOS supported)
  2. A work email address to create your live Amplify account.

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