Welcome back to our API Talks webinar program.
This webinar program is designed to help you learn about API trends in the industry and gain an advantage when transforming your company in a rapidly changing business environment. 
Hear from experts on where the industry is going and how your business can become a leader by taking advantage of new thinking and best practices. Your journey to innovation, using APIs begins here:

Making your API Management solution pay for itself

Date: Thursday, July 8th

Time: 14:00-15:00

API Management is so ingrained in our IT landscape that a significant number of enterprises are now grappling with the complexity of managing 3 vendors on average!

In this talk, we want to bring you back to the original goals of an API Management strategy, talk about how to ensure you can be successful in a complex, multi-vendor environment, and bring you insights from two industry surveys to help you understand how others are solving these problems

Join this live conversation to hear from Colin McGovern, API Product Management and Christian Cagnol, API industry lead at Axway who will show examples of some of the successes in the industry and talk about what made them successful.

  • Business automation: We know that automation using APIs has major potential to save costs however it's often only in automation that we truly understand our processes. We will cover some of the pitfalls to avoid to ensure that your automation projects are a success.
  • Maximising your existing assets: IDC reported that the single biggest concern API Management professionals was managing a multi-vendor landscape. We will show you how to get the best from your solutions without needing risky and difficult rationalisation projects.
  • Data-driven decision-making: The notion of using data to drive decisions is not original, but here, we want to show you how your API landscape can contribute to your decision-making process. We are often great at collecting data at customer touchpoints like mobile- and web-apps, but APIs can provide a wealth of insights for better decision-making.

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