Discover why and how Bpifrance made the move, boosting its support to companies impacted by COVID-19. 

Businesses going digital have more trading partners, more transactions, stricter regulations, and a need to respond faster to business demands. There is great value for companies to move away from strictly ground-based managed file transfer and embrace a cloud service that reduces costs and set them up to adapt, compete and win. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, the French Public Investment Bank Bpifrance needed to quickly help small businesses, SMEs and mid-caps get access to 300 billion Euros in emergency loans to survive financial difficulties. As a historic Axway XFB Gateway customer, they decided to replace their on-premises solution and move to a new cloud solution using Secure Transport to speed up their response to the crisis.  

Bruno ChevalierIT Ops Manager/Enterprise Architect at Bpifrance will explain the benefits he found supporting the French government economic measures using a new cloud solutionNicolas BoVP Cloud & Customer Success at Axway will introduce the Axway SaaS  and how it can help you quickly move to a more agile, manageable and scalable MFT infrastructure. 

Join us to discover how to: 

  • Keep up with constantly changing business needs 
  • Maintain security and compliance 
  • Reallocate resources strategically to control costs 


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Bruno Chevalier

IT Ops Manager/Enterprise Architect

Nicolas Bô

Nicolas Bô

VP Cloud & Customer Success