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APIs : From Legacy to Agile, From Product to Ecosystems

Not so long ago, the competition was product vs product. Now, it has shifted to platform vs platform. And tomorrow, it will be ecosystem vs ecosystem. As we have entered a world of open IT and extended enterprises, APIs strategies, API designs, and API lifecycle management will be the unfair advantage to create and nurture the business of ecosystems.

APIdays is the leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy. 

Axway will join APIdays Paris 2019 as silver sponsor.  

Meet our API experts on our booths and attend our presentations:

  • Axway breakout session | December 11 at 9:50
    API the APIs or Good API Governance through Self-Describing APIs
Erik Wilde.png

Erik Wilde
API [email protected]

      • Axway Workshop | December 10 at 12:05
        Crawling APIs for Fun and Profit
      Uli Hitzel.png                  
      Uli Hitzel
      API evangelist & developer Advocate at Axway

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