Beginning in 2011, a clear and predictable Cloud strategy was crafted to begin paving the way for virtualized services by the Federal government. Starting with Cloud First and evolving to Cloud Smart in 2018, the priority on leveraging cloud services to support government operations in a more flexible way is clearly aligned with various agencies and programs.

When the government signed up for the AWS Classified Cloud (C2S) the Cloud era began in earnest in the Intelligence Community (IC). Today, DoD is also joining this trend to utilize the cloud with the pending JEDI award to Microsoft. Regardless of the outcome, it is now apparent that the IC and DoD are moving towards adoption of Multi-Cloud solutions for their unclassified, secret, and top-secret network so they can leverage the best capabilities from each Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and not be locked into any single cloud provider.

But how can you develop new applications if you do not know which cloud they will be deployed in?  

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Multi-Cloud challenges
  • How to build solutions that can run across hybrid environments
  • How to leverage legacy systems data and processes in new multi-cloud environments

 Join us to discuss maximizing your Multi-Cloud investment, and how Axway can help.

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