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Axway's Hybrid Event
Open Everything Cocktails and Collaboration took place on
November 18! 
Drinks and appetizers were provided *

Collaboration is at the heart of digital innovation. Building or participating in a digital platform economy means encouraging and enabling an ecosystem of collaboration. This opens up new opportunities, new markets, and also customer experiences powered by capabilities that are complimentary to the ones your business has to offer.

You may think your industry is special - and it is! All industries have their particular focus and, in many cases, regulatory pressures. Yet, increasingly, the boundary between industries (FinTech and InsureTech, Supply Chain and IoT and Robotics, Healthcare and Payments) is where the action is.

Let's break out the whiteboards and designer drinks in a relaxed environment to collaborate on some of these opportunities and themes from both an intra AND inter-industry perspective. We'll explore together some of the following themes:

Data Democratization: Your customer's data is precious - how to respect the privacy of the customer while enabling data democratization through consent management?

Transformative Technology: What are some of the transformative technologies (API Management, Event-Driven Architecture, Robotic Process Automation) that unlock new capabilities and enable your business to team up with others, even in other industries?

Digital Ecosystem Management: How can you offer a rich marketplace for cross-industry digital products and services with a high degree of self-service, collaboration, and innovation?

Digital Success: What are the dimensions of measurement and how can you put a framework in place that guides success for business goals, delivery goals, performance/quality goals, and adoption goals?

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* All guests at the Scottsdale Office will enjoy drinks & appetizers.
* If you are attending via Zoom - all guests will receive drinks & appetizers shipped week of the event.  Please confirm your address in the form. 

*States that do not deliver wine: 
Utah, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware, Rhode Island


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Time  Topics Speaker
3:30PM – 4:00PM MT Registration & Mingle
4:00PM – 5:00PM MT Axway Welcome - Axway special guests  Brian Otten
5:00PM  6:00PM MT Cocktails and networking – demo open banking session Laurent Van Huffel