Using FHIR APIs will accelerate healthcare innovation and help break down the organizational silos that add friction to healthcare efficiency. We’re at the launch of a transition to more open data sharing, as seen with Apple’s Health integration over FHIR. It’s just the beginning and we’re excited to share with you the opportunity an API platform approach can bring to your FHIR development efforts.
In this webinar, API design innovator & Stoplight Architect Phil Sturgeon, along with Axway Sr. Director and technology author David Bressler, discuss real-world use cases where FHIR can make a meaningful difference in the patient experience, care effectiveness, and physician efficiency. Ruby Raley, Vice President of Healthcare for Axway will be a pannelist. 
Hear how customers use FHIR to simplify data sharing with partners and an extended care provider network in order to keep costs down while improving each patient’s care outcomes. You will also:

  • Learn why FHIR is having such a dramatic impact on healthcare innovation
  • Understand the importance of an API platform as compared to a simple FHIR implementation
  • See a live FHIR demonstration of Axway’s API Portal for collaboration and developer self-service, and Stoplight’s API design and test solution
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