Are you creating the digital experience your customers are looking for?

Digital Omniexperience is a new way for your customers and partners to interact with you and it’s the key to success in the next decade and beyond. Today’s digital natives are no longer satisfied with a digital version of former analog solutions. Users are demanding a seamless integration between companies and organizations that touch their life. Making that happen requires a clear strategy, an ecosystem of partners and an API-First design approach.

In this webinar, Brian Otten, Axway Senior Catalyst and former Vice President of Data Architecture at Barclays Bank provide a framework for rethinking your digital approach and strategy.

In this webinar you will learn…
  • How to anticipate your customer’s needs
  • The difference between omni-channel and omni-experience
  • What does it mean to be truly digital?
  • How APIs can help you bundle an experience for your customer
  • Why you need API Product Managers and not Project Managers
  • What API Design First is and how it provides an approach to model the customer experience.
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