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Let’s have a conversation about API Gateway deployment patterns for securing & routing traffic in microservices and mesh architectures. With evolving application design, these individual components generate significant amounts of “east‑west” traffic that needs to be managed as well.

What's an edge gateway, anyway? A sidecar? Let's speak about the use cases, the right fit for your environment, and which pieces of your existing API infrastructure you can leverage for unified governance and developer experience.
Participants will learn about:

  • the role of APIs in microservices & service mesh architectures
  • scenarios where microservices make sense – and where they don't
  • how existing API Management setups can be extended to cater for microservices & mesh use cases

About Uli

Uli has been working with data engineering & distributed systems since the early days of the internet. Previously with companies including Microsoft, Red Hat, Yahoo! and IBM, he now helps Axway customers create innovative, data-driven platforms using state-of-the-art building blocks for API Management, data integration, and analytics.

Domains of focus expertise as an Advocate:

  • Innovation, Code-With-Engagements, Prototyping, Hackathons
  • Pilot Projects & Strategic POCs
  • API Management, HIP, Service Mesh
  • Automation, Containerization, Microservices, Open Source
  • Meetups, Events, Video Production

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With the participation of:

John Wiese 

Principal Solutions Architect 

Mihir Mone

Principal Pre-Sales Consultant