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May 28th 8am PDT/5pm CEST:
Open Banking: from traditional banking to Banking-as-a-Platform
Speaker:Eyal Sivan
Banks need to evolve beyond their traditional banking services. In this co-branded episode with Sopra Banking Software, we discuss how banks can benefit from Platform opportunities, use technology, as well as APIs and existing services to support other industries and create new sustainable revenue streams.
Together, we will review:
Open Economy: A new revenue stream
The Platform: The best way to leverage banking assets
APIs: A silver bullet
Q&A session

June 2nd 8am PDT/5pm CEST:
Omniexperience is the key to customer happiness: APIs are the enabler
Speaker: Brian Otten
Digital Omniexperience is a new way for your customers and partners to interact with you and it’s the key to success in the next decade and beyond. Today’s digital natives are no longer satisfied with a digital version of former analog solutions.
Users are demanding a seamless integration between companies and organizations that touch their life. Making that happen requires a clear strategy, an ecosystem of partners and an API-First design approach.
Many questions will be answered during this session: The difference between omni-channel and omni-experience. What does it mean to be truly digital? How APIs can help you bundle an experience for your customer?...

June 9th 8am PDT/5pm CEST:
A structured guide to API strategy
Speaker: Erik Wilde
APIs are an essential ingredient of digitalization initiatives and organizations have to make sure that they plan and execute an API journey that will create a rich and dynamic API landscape.
The driving force behind this should be an API strategy, that clearly outlines what the goals of the API journey are, so that all activities can be measured against those goals. Many organizations have implicit API strategies, but never invested the time and effort to create an explicit one.
This presentation takes you through the most important considerations for creating your own API strategy, and is structured so that you cover everything that needs to be part of a comprehensive strategy. This strategy then can serve as a guideline for API-related activities and investments, and also allows you to define mileposts to measure direction and progress.

June 16th 8am PDT/5pm CEST:
How to transform a bank - An interview with Commerzbank API Banking
Speaker: Brian Pagano

It’s not easy to transform a business. Harder still if your company is a bank. But, some companies are successfully transforming.
Join us for a dialogue between Axway and Commerzbank, discussing topics like what to measure, how to get your organization moving, selecting partners, and, of course, security.

Together we’ll learn from Commerzbank’s experience mixed with stories from Axway’s Catalyst team’s experience helping financial services institutions around the world.
...More to come

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Making API teams more effective 
Speaker: Erik Wilde

Priorities in the new reality
Speaker: Brian Pagano

APIs on the edge: gateways & service mesh
Speaker: Uli Hitzel

Why being on a digital journey is not enough...Welcome to the #DigitalRace
Speaker: Kay Lummitsch

Designing and building great web APIs - An interview with Mike Amundsen 
Speaker: Erik Wilde 

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