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One of the challenges that many organizations face is how to scale their API journey. Getting started may not be easy, but scaling can be even more challenging to manage well. We look at some of the typical challenges organizations face when entering the scale-up phase, and how they can be tackled. We take a deep dive into the topic of API guidelines, which in virtually all organizations play an essential role in establishing, managing, and communicating good practices across API teams.
During this webinar, you will learn:
  • What are the main challenges to start your API journey?
  • Why do organizations often struggle to scale their API journey?
  • How can API guidelines help as a way to share API practices across API product teams?

About Erik

Erik has a technical background, holding a Ph.D. in computer science from ETH Zürich. He spent most of his professional career in academia, working on computer communications and structured information in general, and in the space of Web architecture and engineering specifically. He left academia 2011 and since then has helped companies like EMC, Siemens, and CA Technologies to deliver their solutions through APIs. Erik's main focus these days is on the strategic and programmatic side of things: how to get from the general goal and vision of digital transformation to a functioning and productive API landscape.

As part of the Catalyst team, Erik focuses on the following areas:
  • Planning and execution of the Accelerate program
  • Helping clients with formulating and reviewing API strategies
  • Helping clients to formulate and execute API programs
  • API design and API product management
  • Contributing to standardization activities in the API space

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