In a business context, APIs represent 3 types of contract : Technical, business and legal contracts.
The technical aspect is often the most debated about delivering the best design, documentation, styles, protocol, format, vocabulary etc...But in a business context, where APIs give access to resource to entities outside the organization, they also become business and legal contracts.

On the business side, they are a direct access to internal assets that are valuable and lead to a value exchange or monetization. On the legal side, the policy of determining the legal context of this access is also important, about controlling, limiting and enforcing what your consumer ecosystem is doing with your assets.

In this Webinar, Erik & Mehdi will discuss about how to thinks these 3 layers of the API contractualization, how API management needs to be set up, and what can be the internal benefits attached to this external practice.

About Mehdi Medjaoui

Mehdi Medjaoui is an entrepreneur, author, professor and investor in the API Industry. He is the founder and chairman of APIdays Conferences, the main series of industry events on APIs, and co-founder of, the API for Identity (acquired in 2017) For the least 2 years,  he has been advising C-Level and policy makers on APIs European commission H2020 expert  and  API strategy and practice consultant to Fortune 1000 companies. He is the co-author of the book Continuous API Management, and currently teaches in part-time about technology for business at HEC MBA, EMLyon executive MBA, and the Creative Destruction Lab.


As part of the Catalyst team, Erik focuses on the following areas:

  • Planning and execution of the Accelerate program
  • Helping clients with formulating and reviewing API strategies
  • Helping clients to formulate and execute API programs
  • API design and API product management
  • Contributing to standardization activities in the API space

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