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Apidays PARIS

December 6, 7 & 8, 2023

CNIT (Centre des Nouvelles Industries et Technologies), Paris
2 Place de la Défense, 92092 Puteaux

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Axway's team will be present at Apidays Paris, join us and be our guest*!

In today’s intricate digital landscape, APIs have emerged as powerful conduits for innovation, bridging the gaps and unlocking new realms of possibility. This year, apidays Paris revolves around four strong pillars: “Software, Sovereignty, Society, Sustainability.”

  • Software: Software & APIs are the pulsing heart of the digital revolution, from the frameworks that power global platforms to the microservices optimizing niche solutions, Serveless, Kubernetes, Kafka, and many other technologies.
  • Sovereignty: How should sovereignty be defined in the age of the cloud, decentralization, and ubiquitous connectivity, all while empowering individuals and organizations to chart their distinct digital paths?
  • Society: Let’s understand the societal implications of rapid technological advances to ensure that we leave no member of society behind, fostering an equitable and harmonious future.
  • Sustainability: Let’s explore the sustainable development, deployment, and management of software solutions to grasp the importance of eco-friendly digital infrastructures, ethical AI, and the long-term impact of our digital choices.

How can APIs help you to achieve your digital goals?

Join us to Apidays Paris and be our guest* to meet our experts, book appointment at our booth and attend our two speaking sessions:

Keynote: December 7th at 3:50 pm
Katharina Haack, Product Owner | API Strategy & Governance, Commerzbank
Emmanuel Méthivier, Catalyst & Program Director, Axway

Workshop: December 6th at 4:55 pm 
Driving API adoption & Growing consumption with an API Marketplace
Laurent Marchal, Principal Presales Architect, Axway

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Looking forward to meeting you at the conference!