Open Banking API for a sustainable Digital Transformation

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Open Banking API is a real enabler of innovation for a wide range of enterprises and startups. They can be leveraged to build new products and embed financial services directly into their offerings. In parallel, as 2022 commences, we are seeing an uptick in green fintechs using APIs to create solutions that directly address the impacts of technology on the climate, the need for environmentally friendly solutions, and a move to a circular economy.

Discover the power of an API Management Platform and the new trends in Open Banking in Europe.

Commerzbank AG, a renowned German bank with an international presence, is using the Amplify API Management Platform as the cornerstone of its digital transformation. They have opened their platform to partners and provide the modern, responsive, and sustainable services that their clients expect.

Join Heiko Dosch, Business Expert of API Strategy, Open Banking, and Digital Ecosystems at Commerzbank, and Volker Sulzbach, Subject Matter Expert in API & EAI Technologies, Mark Boyd, founder of Platformable and author of the Open Banking APIs State of the Market Report 2022, and Eric Horesnyi, SVP, API Platform EMEA from Axway.
Register today to learn:
  • How is Commerzbank transforming traditional branch-based services into seamless digital experiences?
  • What APIs can help you embrace the green transition?
  • How is Europe trending in the adoption of open banking for sustainability?
  • The best practices for using the Axway Amplify API Management Platform to empower open initiatives across the financial services industry.

This webinar will include a live Q&A where our speakers will answer your most pressing questions.