How to monitor and control your file transfers through Intelligent Alerting

June 20 - 11:00 CET / 10:00 GMT

Managed file transfer remains an essential solution used by all industries to exchange critical data between the company's ecosystem and its business processes. For that reason, these transfers need to be fully monitored and controlled. Businesses need to immediately identify and respond to failures (or other abnormal situations) to best ensure resolution before they become critical.

This webinar will introduce Intelligent Alerting for MFT, a new/upcoming Axway offering that detects patterns/trends and triggers notifications when expected MFT activity does not occur.

The solution enables a real time monitoring on file transfer activity and will send alerts if any problems occur in order to proactively take corrective actions and avoid any negative impacts on the business.  

During the webinar, the following topics will be covered:  

  • What are the advantages of Intelligent Alerting for MFT solution for both IT and business users
  • How Axway Intelligent Alerting for MFT gives you ultimate control by letting you see into your file transfers and respond faster to fluctuations.
  • How to proactively identify file-transfer issues, configure alerts to ensure you meet your service level agreements, and resubmit file transfers to keep your business running.


Alan Brown
Director of Product Management (BI/Analytics)