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Axway Financial Accounting Hub

Axway Financial Accounting Hub for Finance and Accounting department.
Give your financial information system the ability to support multiple entity accounting and reporting, intercompany processing and reconciliation, and connection to any data source or target.

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 Axway Financial Accounting Hub (AFAH) helps Finance departments achieving the following objectives:

  • Operational excellence : optimizing operational efficiency by automating, simplifying, and streamlining processes. And leveraging APIs for real-time processing, reduces operating costs, and accelerates the processes and the quality of the data provided.
  • Inscreased agility: The highly flexible, open platform offers a composable finance information system designed to meet regulatory, business, and technology requirements. A self-service portal allows the implementation of DevOps methodologies for greater responsiveness. 
  • Unparalleled data reliability: AFAH improves the quality, readability, and use of data in financial departments by relying on comprehensive and actionable audit trails, rejection management, and reconciliation tools.

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