TechLab: Axway Amplify Unified Catalog

February 17, 2022 from 10:00 to 12:30 CET
Online event

More and more (large) organizations have a growing number of APIs and other integration assets (event publishers, microservices) available. Although these assets could be re-used by internal & external consumers like application developers, often this is not the case and results in loss-of-control, compliance and security issues and increasing costs. To make things more complex the APIs and integration assets are typically made available by multiple different API Management platforms of different vendors - often cloud based.

The next challenge for those organizations is to avoid a wildfire of integrations, but to create an independent governance layer that manages all API and integrations assets in a uniform, coherent way with the advantage of better compliance and reduced management costs. The first key requirement for such an independent governance layer would be a single, unified catalog of API’s and services. This catalog should contain all relevant information about organization-wide integration assets, with the advantage that all consumers of your services will be able to see all available assets in a single consistent location. When changes occur in any of your assets in any of existing integrations, these changes are being consolidated in an automated way back to the Unified Catalog of services, which optimizes efficiency and your operational costs.

Axway Amplify is unique in providing the first independent governance layer, that can offer such a unified catalog with a full, company-wide overview of integration assets, made available by several different integration management platforms in use.

Agenda of the online event:

10:00 - Amplify Platform presentations & demos
11:00 - Hands on exercises around Amplify platform
12:15 – Conclusion