API Security - why Axway & Noname are better together?

June 23 - 10:00 CET

Axway and Noname both have years of experience with API Security, both from a completely different perspective. During this webinar we will share a 360˚ view on API Security.

More specifically, the following topics will be presented during the webinar:

  • Short overview of Axway API Management & Amplify Platform
  • Short overview of Noname API Security Platform
  • Why Axway & Noname are better together? Based on several specific use cases the power of combining the two offerings will be discussed:
    • Noname posture management with API Discovery & Axway Amplify Unified Catalog/MarketPlace
    • Noname runtime security control of API traffic detecting anomalies in the API traffic and potential security misconfigurations in the Axway API Gateway (QA on (decentralised) API creation teams)
    • Noname automated API security testing of any API delivered by an Axway API Gateway to make sure the security is implemented in the right way



Rogier Van Boxtel
Director Pre-Sales Benelux-Nordics & Cloud EMEA


Martjin Doedens
Solution Architect
Noname security