Axway Amplify Unified Catalog/MarketPlace - introduction & update

September 27 - 10:00 CET

All large organisations have invested over the last years in creating a (large) set of integration services like APIs, event topics (often Kafka based), micro services...

To make sure the investment in the integration services pays off, the next challenge is to increase (re)use of the services as much as possible. Internal application developers, specific business partners and more and more often “the entire world” (open APIs) should use the integration services created and available.

To be able to push re-use, first of all a Unified Catalog is needed containing all integration services available including documentation, definition files, test facilities etc. Secondly, more and more organisations want to offer a specific subset of services with a price tag to the market (monetization) through an API/integration services MarketPlace.  

Axway is currently the single only leading API Management vendor that offers a Unified Catalog & MarketPlace that can contain integration services offered by all kind of different integration platforms like the Axway API Gateway, Azure API Gateway, AWS API Gateway, Apigee, Mulesoft, Kafka event bus, istio/envoy based microservices etc.

During this webinar the following key topics will be covered:

  • The API Producer experience: use of agents to add all integration assets to the Unified Catalog
  • The API Consumer experience
    1. Introduction of the Unified Catalog
    2. Introduction of the The Axway MarketPlace (create a product based on 1 or more integration services, add price plans to a product, offer them in the MarketPlace)



Peter Oosterlynck
Principle Pre-Sales Consultant Benelux Nordics


Rogier van Boxtel
Director Pre-Sales Benelux Nordics


Frederick Elewaut
Senior Pre Sales Consultant III