Agility, resilience, compliance… Get the maximum value from a modern B2B integration strategy


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Many companies have been running their B2B/EDI solutions for decades. Requests for compliance and additional use cases come up regularly. Moreover, new market regulations are emerging and companies need to comply on time with these new standards in order to remain reliable.

Learn in this webinar how the B2B Integration Platform will help you to stay up to date and reliable.

The fact is that today the modern partner ecosystem demands a shift in integration processes. On the one hand, businesses need to be more resilient than ever to ongoing supply chain disruptions. And on another, they need to continue to innovate, as it is a necessity in today’s digital-centric and competitive world. Traditional B2B/EDI solutions can no longer cope with emerging market regulations like ICS2, e-Invoicing for B2B and B2G, and CESOP allow to innovate via APIs and iPaaS, and neither provide the needed level of operational efficiency, agility, and resiliency.

The Axway B2B Integration Platform offers you a unique solution to get maximum business agility and operational resiliency streamlining EDI, APIs, and market regulations processes.

Please watch this on-demand webinar where we talk about modernization and innovation in B2B integration, featuring a cloud-based solution that brings maximum value and market compliance.

  • B2B integration landscape and state of the market
  • How to modernize your B2B integration infrastructure and reach your objectives (flexibility, resilience, compliance...) 



Rogier Van Boxtel
Director, Pre Sales Consulting


Stass Pertsovskiy
Director of B2B Product Marketing