E-invoicing: How to comply easily with upcoming mandates?


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By now, B2G (Business-To-Government) e-invoicing is mandatory for public procurements in the EU.

That is not all. More and more countries are moving to CTC (Continuous Transaction Control), and B2B e-invoicing is becoming a must-have for businesses, either suppliers or buyers:
  • France, Poland, and Romania to make B2B e-invoicing mandatory from 2024,
  • Germany, Spain, Belgium, Latvia and others will follow
  • And Italy and Hungary already have mandates in place.

It is  expected that all EU countries will have mandated B2B e-invoicing by 2030.  Europe’s ViDa (Vat in the Digital Age) initiative will have an important impact as well, making cross border e-invoicing mandatory by 2027.

Do you want to discover how to easily comply?

Axway can help you with a solution that offers a global, standards-driven, and always up-to-date approach to e-invoicing. Moreover, it allows you to leverage the consistent platform experience of the global Axway B2B Integration solution that streamlines automation in EDI, API while providing e-invoicing compliance. From Day 1, you can fully rely on Axway now and in the future.

This webinar, hosted by Michel Gilis, VP eInvoicing, and Mathias Bonnard, VP Product Management at Axway, will provide you with an overview of the impact of these new e-invoicing mandates, as well as strategies, tips, and keys to success for easy compliance. 

On the agenda:
  • The new mandates and their impact on the organization and business applications, in Europe and worldwide
  • How Axway solution can help you to solve your IT & business challenges most efficiently, and meet your expectations and deadlines
  • The keys to success and strategies for easy compliance - presentation of concrete cases



       Mathias Bonnard
   VP Product Management


            Michel Gilis
           VP eInvoicing