How to build your API Marketplace and Business Insight


On-Demand Demo: How to build your API Marketplace and Market Insight

Watch this 30-minute demo to learn how to curate and monitor APIs in Amplify Marketplace.

During this demo on Marketplace, we will focus on Business Insights – an analytical and monitoring part of the Amplify Platform. Business Insights provides API Providers and Program Managers with 360-degree actionable insights on their API Program, consumption, adoption, API health, applications, and environments. You will learn how to:

  • Curate APIs to provide a deep visibility into the API programs
  • Visualize API metrics and metadata to understand API adoption, consumption, and performance
  • Navigate available options for searching and dissecting API consumption
  • Understand what information is available on the consumer and provider sides of Business Insights


aleksandr Nartovich

Aleksandr Nartovich
API Solution Architect