Not your grandpa's MFT. Episode 1: So, you're moving to the cloud. Are your files?


Not your grandpa's MFT. 
Episode 1:  So, you're moving to the cloud.  Are your files?

We think Managed File Transfer is pretty cool. It powers mission-critical business around the world, every minute of every day. But not everyone wants to get into the MFT weeds with us – and many of them are more excited about the latest cool tech kids on the block.

That’s fine, we get it. But in today’s data-driven world, people still need to transfer data and files securely. And when it all comes crashing down because no one wanted to invest in maintaining and improving infrastructure, who are they going to blame? That’s right, MFT.

In this six-vlog series, join “Chief Disruption Officer” Dee Carraher for some straight talk about how MFT helps you keep the lights on, why it’s time to get out of the risk management business, and why the MFT of the future is definitely not your grandpa’s MFT.

Episode 1:  So, you’re moving to the cloud. Are your files?

Any serious organization knows that cloud adoption is key to future-proofing their digital transformation. But in their rush to keep up when moving systems and business applications to the cloud, some organizations encounter these common pitfalls:
  • forgetting to ensure your MFT operations won’t break in the process
  • trying to merely “lift and shift” existing processes and files into the cloud
  • not adapting your security posture to new cloud MFT configurations
  • overlooking need to migrate and synchronize data across on-premise, colocation and cloud applications
Don’t be like that. Cloud adoption is essential to your digital transformation, but the real opportunity lies in transforming and optimizing your MFT operations in the process. Let’s tackle your checklist for moving MFT operations to the cloud.

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