Not your grandpa's MFT. Episode 2: So, you moved to the cloud. Are you transforming service delivery?


Not your grandpa's MFT. 

Episode 2:  So, you moved to the cloud.  Are you transforming service delivery?

Patching, security, maintenance… you're not an IT shop, you have a business to run. Cloud is all well and good, but the last thing you want to do is create more complexities for yourself. And that’s why the real value is in managed cloud:
  • Leave the maintenance and MFT chores to the experts
  • Free up head space to do new work
  • Focus on your business – not IT
MFT in the managed cloud lets you focus on optimizing and creating new business processes and functions that can benefit your business. If moving to the cloud doesn’t create human resource efficiencies or team efficiencies, you're not winning. Let’s explore how you can get more out of your MFT when you move to a managed cloud.

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