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Open Your Enterprise Ecosystem with Axway Intelligent MFT

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Axway Intelligent MFT introduces a new and open approach to allow MFT practitioners to address the complexity of Integration patterns. It becomes easier to connect the ecosystem of business applications regardless of where they reside and how they communicate.

Register for this 30-minute educational demo to discover Axway Intelligent MFT, a new solution based on a no-code user interface for creating file transfer flows.

Intelligent MFT helps:

  • automate coding for standard functions like introspecting, routing, bulking, debulking, and null file conditions
  • add visual mapping for file-based data integrations without having to update/migrate your existing transports
  • easily extend existing MFT processes to other enterprise applications for end-to-end orchestration
  • by providing a central control platform for data management, system connectors, and extending traditional MFT patterns to cloud connectors and business integration processes via low-code, visual mapper-based tooling.


Paul Avery Axway

Paul Lavery
Sr. Director, Product Line

Chandu Manda
Field CTO, MFT