API Talks: Unleash the Power of Secure APIs!


API Talks: Unleash the Power of Secure APIs!

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Are you aware of your API vulnerabilities? Don't wait for attackers to exploit them; secure your API landscape now!

Join us for an insightful session where you'll explore groundbreaking approaches to API integration, robust security, and dynamic developer portals. Learn from the case study of a leading data-platform company that's revolutionized security in essential industries. Get your API management under control with pre-built solutions, customized to fit your needs.

In this power-packed session, you will:
- Discover how to uncover hidden, unmanaged APIs.
- Master the art of automating non-compliant service identification.
- Learn which prebuilt security policies are tailored to shield your business.

Ready to take your API knowledge to the next level? Watch now, and let's redefine the future of secure APIs together!



Arun Dorairajan
Director, Solutions Architect