API Talks: Add an API digital products tier for faster development and greater revenue

Feb. 20, 2024 8:00am PT | 11:00am ET


You don't want to miss this 30-minute session where you will learn tips to drive revenue faster with your APIs.

To progress the CX to the next level, companies must add a business services tier to their architecture. This tier provides the place for search and discovery above the technical services tier where all APIs are deployed and registered. 

We will explore the role of API products in providing this much needed level of access and how it can speed development of your next generation of interfaces. This will include:

  • How an API product is different than an API
  • Why the app developer experience is key to success
  • How to drive revenue from your API products (besides charging for them directly)

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Brian Otten

Brian Otten
Chief Catalyst, NA VP