B2B Talks: How technology can ensure the well-being of your consumers and patients

B2B Talks:  How technology can ensure the well-being of your consumers and patients

March 19, 2024  8:00am PST | 11:00am EST

You know that managing your digital healthcare supply chain is a high-stakes mission that goes beyond the need to optimize efficiency for business success. The health and well-being of your consumers and patients depend on the ability of manufacturers, dispensers, distributors, and pharmacies to deliver drugs and medical devices in a safe, secure, and timely way.

Join this 30-minute webinar to hear from our experts in the Healthcare and Life sciences fields about why you need to have compliance and security top of mind.  During this session you will hear about the latest concerns those in your field have, and how to combat those concerns.  Topics such as:

  • Why the need for security in the Healthcare space is more important than ever before.
  • Challenges Healthcare companies are having to manage their supply chains.
  • The importance of a partner to help with your digital journey starting with a project, building into a program, and finally expanding into a platform.

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Marcus Chang, Axway Derick Brownell, Axway
Marcus Chang
Product Management Lead, Healthcare Solutions

Derick Brownell
Sr. Sales Executive Bio/Pharma & Supply Chain Services and Solutions