Demo: OCSP deployment for mission-critical smartcard authentication

March 13, 2024 11am PST/2pm EST

On Demand

Many PKI-mandated environments require an OCSP architecture that provides High Availability across a distributed network – something that is very difficult to accomplish with standard OCSP capabilities. In this demonstration of Axway Validation Authority, we will show how easy this is to do with Axway OCSP Responders and Repeaters.

Demo activities include:

  • Configuring an Axway OCSP Responder to automatically fetch CA certificates, download CRLs, and create a sharable database of pre-signed OCSP responses.
  • Configuring an Axway OCSP Repeater to pull the OCSP database from the Responder and use it to issue OCSP responses.
  • Extrapolating how easy it is to simply add additional Repeaters to support a distributed environment and/or to provide High Availability.

Join our online demo to see for yourself how so many of our customers use Axway Responders and Repeaters to ensure OCSP High Availability and/or support a distributed environment for their mission-critical operations.


Sean Murray Axway

Sean Murray
Principal Solution Architect