B2B Demo: Three real-world examples

April 9, 2024 8:00am PDT|11:00am EDT

B2B Demo: Three real-world examples

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Join us for our “short story” B2B demo. You are an EDI expert and have seen it all…but we may have something new to show you. In 30 minutes, you will hear 3 real-life use cases for Axway B2B Integration:

  • Learn how B2B integration can drive Innovation
  • Why your Business Processes will be fast and secure with the right B2B integration tool
  • See Resiliency in action through increased visibility you can act on in the moment

Sign up today to learn from Atul Thombare, one of our Axway B2B experts, how our leading customers are succeeding with a modern B2B integration solution.


Atul Thombare
Atul Thombare
Principal Pre-Sales Architect