Customer Spotlight: Cencora drives multibillion-dollar operations with Axway B2Bi

June 11, 2024 8:00am PDT | 11:00am EDT

June 11, 2024 8:00am PDT | 11:00am EDT

Join us for a 30-minute Q&A webinar featuring Cencora, a leading global pharmaceutical solutions organization that connects manufacturers, providers, pharmacies, and patients to help them seamlessly navigate a highly regulated system. Ranked #11 on the Fortune 500, Cencora generated annual revenues of $262 billion in 2023 and is continuing to grow its EDI platform volume and trading partners at a rate of approximately 10% year over year.

Hear Scott Marshall and Ananth Agastya share what they do to support their business operations, exchanging over 800,000 of files and EDI messages every day with more than 23,000 trading partners to ensure the right medication is available when it is needed and relying on their B2B integration infrastructure to process over $140 billion in annual revenue.


scott marshall cencora

Atul Thombare
Principal Pre-Sales Architect

Scott Marshall
Senior Director, IT Product Lead

Ananth Agastya cencora

Ananth Agastya
Manager, Technical Administration